The MUN (Model United Nations) has been a feature of the College’s life for more than 15 years. Teams of 5 or 6 pupils represent a particular country, discussing all the global topics we read about every day. It sounds serious – and it is serious. The level of debate is awesome and the capacity of the participants to adapt to the very sophisticated rules is most impressive. But it is fun too. The presence of young ladies from far-flung countries helps greatly. Indeed, Terenure College has built up a solid reputation as the Great Charmers of the MUN world, something that will not surprise many. Having said that, we do extremely well. In fact, currently we are the dominant force in this area. We take part in three major MUNs every year, one in the Royal Russell School in Croydon, one organised by St. Andrew’s College (Dublin) and another organised by Wesley College (Dublin).

Since September 2009, we have hosted, TERMUN, our own MUN Congress. Students from Terenure College, Our Lady’s, Rathdown School, St. Andrew’s, Loreto Foxrock, Mount Anville, High School, Wesley College and others debate various global topics we hear about every day. It has now become an annual event on the MUN circuit.

We practice the various skills involved in MUN most Friday at lunchtime, drawing attendances of up to 40 boys.

If you are interested in participating in TERMUN, please email: