1. To promote in the student an informed inquiring & discriminating attitude to his environment & help the student relate to the visual, tactile & spatial
  2. To develop a sense of personal identity & self esteem through practical achievement in the expressive, communicative & functional modes of art, craft & design
  3. To develop in the student an understanding of art, craft & design in a variety of contexts – historical, cultural,economic, social and personal
  4. To develop in the student the ability to apply evaluative criteria to his own work & to the work of others & in his daily encounters with the natural, social and man-made environments with mass media
  5. To promote in the student a practical understanding of the competence in the principles & skills underlying visual & constructional design & problem solving
  6. To develop through structured practical work the students aesthetic sensibilities & powers of critical appraisal,appreciation & evaluaion


  1. The Art Craft & Design course at Junior & Senior levels, develops the students ability to :
  2. Give personal response to an idea,experience or other stimulus
  3. Work from imagination, memory & direct observation
  4. Use drawing for observation, recording & analysis, as a means of thinking & for communication & expression
  5. Use the the core two-dimensional process in making , manipulating & developing images, using lettering & combining lettering with image, in expressive & communicative modes
  6. Use three-dimensional processes of additive,subtractive & comtructional form making in expressive & functional modes
  7. Use & understand the art & design elements
    1. Use a variety of materials, media ,tools & equipment
    2. Use an appropriate working vocabulary
  8. Understand relevant scientific , mathematical and technological aspects of Art , Craft & Design
  9. Sustain projects from conception to realisation
  10. Appraise & evaluate his own work in progress & in completion 
  11. Develop an awareness of the historical, social & economic role & value of art,craft & design & aspects of contemporary culture & mass media